Despite Obstacles!

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At Hurdle

we provide strategic support to achieve our client's specific goals, despite the obstacles.

Support on your terms, guided by expertise across our core service offerings:

Hurdling Obstacles

Building without a solid foundation is dangerous.  At Hurdle, we value infrastructure, insisting solutions are developed to fully support the intended function.

Time is always moving, and you can never get it back.  Hurdle helps organizations put time on their side, through strategic support.

When resources are spread thin, performance and quality suffer.  Hurdle augments your operation to fill gaps and provide the infrastructure organizations need to grow.

Some learning curves can kill a company.  While other organizations scramble and wing it, our clients rely on our expertise, capabilities, and insight to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Building an organization requires laser focus, leaving little time to build a resourceful network.  Hurdle provides access to a dynamic nexus of innovators, strengthening organizations through beneficial partnerships.

Our Story

Hurdle’s founding is rooted in the sincere desire to help good people, build great organizations that strengthen communities, and change the world.

Past Performance

Helping organizations connect, compete, and GROW through experience.

Our team has supported the generation of over $1.6 billion for pursuits across the following agencies/entities and more!