The difference between ideas and success, is SUPPORT. Hurdle is here to help.

Hurdle is a minority woman-owned strategic growth consultancy, offering genuine partnership to strengthen organizations where they need support.  Support that is sensitive to growing pains and strained resources. Support to tackle unfamiliar tasks, and provide efficient solutions that streamline and innovate. Flexible support that is dedicated or fluid, managing time-consuming activities and fueling operations your organization depends on.

Hurdle’s support is customizable across four primary competencies including:


Hurdle helps organizations:

  • Develop growth strategies to capture and retain target markets and audiences.
  • Improve efficiency and impact through strategic planning, process/program development, and resource augmentation.
  • Curate connectable identity.
  • Identify, win, and manage public and private contract and grant opportunities.
  • Maintain dedicated administrative and specialized support, without significant overhead costs.
  • Enhance professional development and team building.
We also host EVENTS across our core offerings, guiding clients through complex topics with real-time support.  At Hurdle, we strive to be exactly what our clients need, to achieve the specific goals they envision, despite the obstacles.  

Our Story

Within the world, there are communities, and within these communities, there are organizations.  These organizations are fueled by dynamic people doing impactful work.  At Hurdle, we believe these people should be supported.  

In 2017, the Hurdle journey began as a freelance operation. In 2022, Hurdle started to overcome its own obstacles, restructuring as a full-service consultancy, powered by over 20 years of collective professional experience. We are now a business within a community, striving to change the world alongside the organizations we support. 

We look forward to learning more about your organization and how we can help it grow.  In the meantime, check out our offerings and events!

The Hurdle Affect

The values motivating our work.

At Hurdle, INTEGRITY is central to every interaction, resulting in relationships and alliances that build trust.
At Hurdle, TEAMWORK is the celebration of individual strengths collaborating to achieve greatness.
At Hurdle, ADAPTABLITY is anticipating change, minimizing impacts, and becoming the support organizations need in transition and beyond.
At Hurdle, INGENUITY is the creative application of skills to develop solutions and maximize resources.
At Hurdle, PASSION is the unmatched zeal to deliver despite obstacles.

How Can We Help?