A brand is more than colors and a logo. 

Hurdle lends itself as the brains behind the brand, helping your organization define its story through our comprehensive suite of services.


Is your brand in it for the long haul? 

Brands must be both durable and flexible. A Brand Strategy ensures this is the case.   Hurdle helps organizations define brand success, and map out a plan complete with check-points to guide the journey.  


  Obstacle Check
  • Unclear and/or unprofessional logo, website, or DTP materials.
  • Multiple random changes to existing branding.
  • Unsure how to position your brand in market.
  • Undefined brand standards.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

A logo is your business’ identification marker.  

A logo establishes recognition for your brand, separating your firm from others.  Our team of creatives work to develop a logo that is memorable, versatile, and timeless.


  Obstacle Check
  • No logo
  • Unprofessional logo
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

Design and developing a professional website is a time-consuming effort! 

Hurdle’s team of Project Managers take ownership of the website development process, working collaboratively with our team of developers, or one you choose.  From content, layout, and functionality, we cover the full development of a website that reflects your business’ story, values, and goals.


  Obstacle Check
  • No website or unprofessional poorly performing site.
  • Overwhelmed with the technicality required to complete a website.
  • Limited resources.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

There is strength in maintaining standards.

Over time, businesses can become lax in maintaining brand standards, weakening it’s impact.  Hurdle develops a management plan, ensuring brand standards are consistently met across all platforms and functions.


  Obstacle Check
  • Brand inconsistencies across platforms.
  • No Brand standards have been formally set and communicated.
  • Messaging inconsistencies.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

Does your business have a voice?

Hurdle develops an impactful voice for organizations through creative content and messaging.  If you know what to say but are unsure how to say it, we’ve got you covered! We provide the following writing services:

  • Copywriting
  • Copy Editing
  • Blog/Web Content Writing
  • Social Media Content Writing
  • Email Content Writing


  Obstacle Check
  • Printed and digital collateral is dated.
  • Messaging isn’t driving engagement and sales. 
  • Your business doesn’t have critical collateral and qualifications to support business development and marketing initiatives.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

Our team of creatives develop the materials and packages to support your company’s business development and marketing goals.  Our DTP services include:

  • Capability Statements/One-pagers
  • Collateral
  • Proposal Toolkit Templates
  • Proposal Graphics
  • Presentations Templates
  • Brochures/Posters
  • Newsletters
  • Announcements
  • Invitations


  Obstacle Check
  • Lack of graphic design capabilities and programs.
  • Existing materials are dated and/or underwhelming.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!