Operations Support

Processes and organization provide the infrastructure needed to perform and grow.

Hurdle helps organizations develop a framework to convert its growth strategy into action, AND provides customizable support to power those efforts.


A plan lacks focus without a MAP. 

Hurdle puts your organization under the microscope to identify actionable opportunities to revolutionize growth.  Our team has significant experience creating dynamic short- and long-term plans that help organizations define mission and vision, identify goals, and clarify objectives in order to realize desired impacts. Our process is organized across four (4) distinct phases including:

• Phase I – Discovery
• Phase II- Design
• Phase III – Deployment
• Phase IV – Debrief

Our innovative framework allows for the development of comprehensive plans and supporting documentation, that provides a Monetized Action Plan (MAP) forward.

  Obstacle Check
  • Lack Mission and Vision statements, and associated Goals/Initiatives.
  • Your growth plans lack focus.
  • Unable to assess organization’s performance
  • Unable to track current goals.
  • Progress seemingly siloed and occurring in pockets.
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Documented processes and programs drive productivity, efficiency, and reliability.

The Hurdle team works to bring focus and purpose to your organization’s most critical activities.  From standard operating procedures (SOPs) and manuals, to curriculum and training program development, Hurdle works to curate durable solutions that streamline and realize your organization’s unique objectives.

  Obstacle Check
  • Organization lacks formal structure and systems, resulting in significant inefficiency.
  • Everyone has their own way of doing things.
  • More chaos than CONNECTION.
  • Experiencing difficulty connecting, communicating, and managing workforce, or segment of target audience.
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You won the contract…NOW WHAT?!

At Hurdle, Contract Administration begins in the proposal stage.  Our team engages early to help ensure scope and deliverables are clearly defined, competitive pricing and rates are established, and a feasible schedule is proposed.  We also develop a plan to address risks and unforeseen instances that may arise. 

Hurdle provides support through the following phases:

  • Planning
  • Negotiation
  • Performance
  • Close-out
  Obstacle Check
  • Great at what I do, but struggle with the administrative requirements of contract acquisition.
  • Contract inaccuracies adversely impacting your organization’s’ bottom line.
  • Overwhelmed by the negotiation process.
  • Struggled with compliance on past/existing contracts.
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Registration and Certification are important foundational elements  for organizations. 

Hurdle helps organizations show-up and then stand-out with our registration and certification services.  We are experienced in securing D/MBE, CBE (DC), (ED)VOSB, (ED)WOSB at the state and federal levels.  We also support local and association certification. We streamline the complex application processes to ensure our clients are  positioned for contract award, with an edge!

  Obstacle Check
  • Unsure what entity classification to choose, and unclear on the associating documentation necessary to ensure accurate registration.
  • Overwhelmed with the strenuous application process to attain set-aside status.
  • Not sure certification is really for my business/organization.
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Relationships are the cornerstone of growth and building. 

Hurdle identifies and develops critical alliances with community leaders, agencies, institutions, corporations, and partners to bolster growth.  We deploy a series of proven and innovative activities and strategies to build meaningful relationships your organization needs.

  Obstacle Check
  • Worn out cold-calling!
  • Unsure how to connect with agencies, entities, and critical partners.
  • Uncomfortable networking.
  • Not sure who your organization should connect with.
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Support takes many forms for growing organizations. 

Hurdle prides itself on being there, when and how our clients need us most.  We step in to tackle day-to-day chaos and tasks, helping organizations maintain an efficient and smoothly running operation.

  Obstacle Check
  • You are drowning in data entry tasks and paperwork.
  • No support staff to assist with day-to-day tasks.
  • No time to handle the fires that crop up unexpectedly.
  • Unfamiliar with operations and practices that can help make your organization more efficient.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!