Opportunity Management

Winning contracts begins with the right opportunities.

Hurdle helps your organization identify viable leads, and develop the strategy and infrastructure to evaluate, track and cultivate those opportunities.


Identifying leads can be difficult and time-consuming.
Hurdle helps your organization automate the function, bringing the right opportunities to your fingertips.

  Obstacle Check
  • Unsure where to look for opportunities.
  • Spending too much time looking for opportunities.
  • Trouble finding the right opportunities.
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It’s a waste of time pursuing poorly vetted leads.

Hurdle helps your organization build a qualified pipeline of future opportunities that reflect your capabilities, experience, and goals.  This forecast allows our clients to be proactive about their growth.

  Obstacle Check
  • Finding opportunities too late to successfully pursue or team.
  • Time-consuming and unclear Go/No Go process.
  • Opportunity vetting requiring significant and on-going leadership and/or technical input.
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A plan without focus is certain to fail. 

Through a thorough assessment, Hurdle helps organizations identify the specific markets, public agencies, and private entities they should target, and an action plan to do so.

  Obstacle Check
  • Organization’s list of offerings is extensive.
  • Unsure what public agencies and private entities purchase your services.
  • Unsure how to connect with an agency/entity you’re interested in supporting.
  • Planning an expansion or new offering rollout.
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Pursuing an opportunity is far more than developing a proposal.

Every opportunity pursued is an investment, and like all investments, they must be protected. Think of Capture Planning as a form of insurance.  Several capture activities and factors strengthen a firm chances of contract award and return on investment.   Hurdle helps organizations develop a clear and dynamic approach to winning through the following:

  • Win Probability Analysis
  • Research + Engagement
  • Win Strategy Development
  • Competition Analysis
  • Pricing Strategy
  Obstacle Check
  • Unclear how to develop a plan to secure a MUST WIN.
  • Unsure who to connect with.
  • Unsure how your organization measures up to the opportunity’s requirements.
  • Unsure how you measure up against competitors.
  • Unsure how to develop a competitive fee proposal that doesn’t leave money on the table, or kick you out of the running.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

Past Performance

Helping organizations connect, compete, and GROW through experience.

Our team has supported the generation of over $1.6 billion for pursuits across the following agencies/entities and more!