Proposal Development

Compliance + Compelling = Award

With Hurdle, your organization doesn’t have to choose between the work and funding it has today, and the needs of tomorrow.  We help clients secure contract and grant opportunities, that will fuel operations into the future! 


Proposals are A LOT of work. Get help!

Hurdle has an arsenal of proposal management and development professionals to power your production process. We help our clients present a convincing case rooted in clear win themes, differentiators, and compliance to take the angst and guess work, out of winning work (contracts) and funding (grants).

Whether the effort requires full production services, or perhaps simpler supplemental support, the Hurdle team has over 20 years of experience getting it done!


  Obstacle Check
  • Unable to maintain the overhead of an internal proposal team.
  • Busy internal proposal team, unable to maintain demand.
  • Traditional proposal development costs are too expensive.
  • Struggling to win proposals.
  • Overwhelmed with the proposal development process.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

Technical personnel, especially upper management, shouldn’t be writing proposals.

At Hurdle, we are mindful of the disruption proposal writing can have on billable projects, and work to mitigate impacts through our Only When Necessary (OWN) approach.  Our team takes OWNership of the deliverables, strategically extracting data and information without significant engagement from busy management and subject matter professionals.

Through the use of pre-defined themes, sequences, and differentiators, our writers and editors communicate cohesive and convincing propositions on behalf of our clients. 


  Obstacle Check
  • Leadership and technical staff are spending too much time on non-billable work.
  • Lack strong proposal writing capabilities.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

A proposal isn’t complete until it’s delivered on time.

Few things compare to the proposal production crunch.  Hurdle carries the proposal through the finish-line by printing, binding, packaging, and delivering your submission in line with solicitation requirements.  

Whether received in multiple sections or a single volume, Hurdle is ready to provide the support necessary to ensure your proposal is assembled and arrives on time!


  Obstacle Check
  • Lack equipment to produce deliverables internally.
  • Lack the time to efficiently print, bind, and assemble proposal documents.
  • Struggled to complete production and meet submission requirements in the past.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

If words paint a picture, imagine what compelling formatting and graphics do!

Our team of creatives develop layouts and compelling graphics that add dimension and depth to the proposal’s story. From covers, section templates, to individual graphic elements, Hurdle is here to help your submission look sharp!


  Obstacle Check
  • Lack the programs to produce compelling materials and graphics.
  • Lack the capability and/or time to produce materials and graphics to support growth and marketing efforts.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

Reviews are critical to proposal development success.

Hurdle provides complete or augmented review services, helping clients meet compliance standards, and excel evaluation criteria.  Whether your looking for an extra set of eyes to make sure your package checks all boxes, or a team to carry your proposal through various review stages, Hurdle will provide useful insight to improve your submission. 


  Obstacle Check
  • Unfamiliar with the proposal development review process.
  • Lack personnel to support the review process.
  • Major inaccuracies and mistakes leading to low scoring and lost opportunities.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

There is still work to do after the proposal is submitted.  

Whether you’ve been shortlisted or passed for an opportunity, Hurdle provides the direction and support your firm needs to make the most of every submission.

  • Presentation Development
  • Interview Preparation + Coaching
  • Debrief Support


  Obstacle Check
  • Struggle to prepare for oral presentations.
  • Lack the skills to develop compelling presentations to support shortlist interviews.
  • Submitting multiple proposals and unsure why you aren’t winning.
If any of these obstacles apply, CONTACT us now!

Past Performance

Helping organizations connect, compete, and GROW through experience.

Our team has supported the generation of over $1.6 billion for pursuits across the following agencies/entities and more!